Bioactive is a completely resorbable, fixed adhesive calcium-phosphate coating which is obtained in an electrochemical process on the implant surface. The CaP crystallites are fixed to the implant surface in the shape of platelets or pins nearly in vertical alignment.


This Bioactive Ossteoconductive surface contributes to an improvement of the biocompatibility of implants thanks to the morphological and chemical properties.



Bioactive Coated Implants

Porous is Alfa-Gate advanced SLA Surface, Screw type implant with SLA surface and 2.42 mm internal hexagonal connection. especially designed for implantation in wide range of bone types and bone augmentation procedures.


This surface treatment increases the implants surface area, by creating both micro and nano-structure for increasing bone formation and stronger bone-to implant bonding.

SLA Surface Implants

Internal hex connection implant with switching platform to assure maximum bone and tissue preservation.


The implant combined cylindrical and conical body designed for mild bone compacting while achieving maximum primary stability in different bone types.


A flat cutting apex allows easy insertion and enable final adjustment during placement procedures.

With hybrid  body

For narrow and  tight ridges

The ultimate implant for narrow and tight ridges with 3.0 diameter platform.


S-Line implant geometric design includes dual threads, two spiral channels stemming from the apex, micro-rings on the implant neck, deep and especially sharp threads that change along the implant body.



One Piece  Implant

Alfa gate one piece implants are especially designed for narrow ridges and tight spaces.


The insertion of Slim implant is quick and simple one stage procedure, this versatile implant can be used for single or multiple unite restoration with immediate loading in both upper and lower jaws.